Our award-winning services

  1. Website and web-based application.
  2. Graphic design
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Domain, Hosting, SSL
  5. Chat bot

The very first service as well as our strengh is all about PHP programing languages. We are professional with framework Yii, NodeJS, ReactNative, Laravel and CMS like WordPress. All run on network infrastructure including Linux (CentOS), MySQL database server, nginx or Apache web server.

Quick-Web is award-winning web service that provide you a website in 3 days with very low cost!

Quick-Web is used by many big firms including Diamon Invest Holdings, My Thanh, Su Suong ceramics…

Our products

  1. Quanlyin.com
  2. MuaChungVietlott.com
  3. E-invoice
  4. SociCake